Always take time to stop and smell the purple and green flowers.

14 April 2015 10:30 a.m.

 Taking time is not something we do in everyday life very often. Living in the moment (as cliche as it sounds) is something we need to remind ourselves to do. It’s not about the destination, its all about the journey.

I remember my first road trip in a campervan… that’s because it was only a couple of weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on a ton of road trips, but they all involved sleeping in the back seat of a car, having a restless night and waking up with an aching body from being seriously restricted by the space available. Or impatiently pitching a tent at a campground in the dark instead of building bonfires, toasting marshmallows and having that celebratory ‘we’ve arrived’ beer when you pull up at your destination.

Packing my bag for this trip was a relatively carefree ordeal. Chucking in clothing and bathroom items, I was pretty much set for my roady. I usually have a ‘MacGyver’ mind-set when I’m in the outdoors, if something is left behind I can usually fashion something to take its place – I’m not overly fussy, I’m too excited to be outdoors! I’ve been known to fashion kitchen utensils out of twigs, sticks and rocks. I suspected, however, this road trip wouldn’t require this set of skills – the campervan had everything we needed, including a fully-equipped camping kitchen!

My boyfriend was so excited to drive, I didn’t get much of a chance to get behind the steering wheel apart from some navigating around the campground we stayed at. It was super easy to handle, and there’s something homely about driving around with your bed all self-contained – this must be how turtles feel! Riding shotgun I was in charge of all the important stuff – snacks, maps and music! We set off on the southern highway in New Zealand’s North Island, escaping the big city for some nature and fresh mountain air on the Tongariro Crossing.

Our home on wheels

Everyone knows to overestimate your driving time when you’re on holiday – this is the best piece of advice I can give you! It takes 4 hours and 23 minutes to get from Auckland to the Tongariro National Park, but not when your road tripping. Nine hours later we rolled up halfway down the North Island to arrive at our campground for the night – that’s double the estimated driving time! Throw in a fish and chip break on the wharf in Raglan, some antique shopping, a stop to buy organic blueberries on the roadside, and a couple of sightseeing stops – the day flies by. This is what road trips are about, after all!

New Zealand ClassicsRoad Trip Essentials

Parking up we cooked up some burritos in the back of our JUCY Cabana, set up our bed for the night – easy as 1, 2 3 – and got ready for our 5.30am start to climb the famous Tongariro Crossing (it features that big mountain that Lord of the Rings made famous… Mount Doom!). Bellies full and eyes tired, we stretched out in the double bed in the back of our camper to catch some z’s. What an awesome sleep! I dreamt about Lord of the Rings all night, and woke up to clear skies. The crossing was AMAZING, but that’s a whole other story.

Tongariro Crossing

Arriving back from the 8-hour hike to our home on wheels was a life saver. With no energy to pack up a tent, all we had to do was fold away the bed and we were ready to go! We set off an hour down the road to soak in some mineral hot pools and finish the day with warm noodle dinner at a freedom camping site down by a beautiful river. What a dream! I could definitely see myself hitting the road for an extended period of time!

Soaking in natural hot pools

Just as we set off for our adventure, we left it, taking our time heading back home stopping to buy honey comb and local fruit, and of course doubling the estimated driving time! After all, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey… the JUCY journey.


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5 Things you should know before you head to Tasmania!

20 March 2015 03:55 p.m.

A seasoned backpacker, Kirsty has spent eight months traveling Australia’s mainland, getting around by bus, campervan and even as a passenger in a truck from Adelaide to Perth! Read about her campervan adventure in Tasmania. 

Tasmania has so much to offer, whether campervan enthusiasts are interested in backpacking in the luscious forests, lying on white, sandy beaches, or visiting cultural exhibits and historical sites. While planning for our upcoming Tasmanian adventure, check out my top tips, which assure your journey is nothing less than spectacular: Before visiting Tasmania, you can rent a campervan in Melbourne, Victoria. Subsequently, you may transport the camper on the Spirit of Tasmania, which is a popular ferry that frequently travels from Melbourne to Devonport.

  1. Extensive Maps

As I explored Tasmania’s sizable forests, I  realised that my high-quality smartphone with a GPS wasn’t going to be the best option for finding my way around – it was not always able to obtain signals from nearby towers . In order to solve this issue, bring a printed map – ones that show the locations of the campsites of each park are an added bonus! Furthermore, some comprehensive guides indicate the condition of dirt roads that are rarely used. Always ask a local for recommendations, they also have the best tips for where the best restaurants and lesser-known attractions are! Bonus!

Maps vs. Apps!

  1. The Wildlife

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the wildlife in Tasmania before approaching any unknown animal or insect on your journey! Have you heard of the Tasmanian Devil – it got its name for a reason! While it’s unlikely you will encounter one (I never did), the endangered Tasmanian Devil can be quite aggressive. Before I went on an extensive excursion, the friendly locals told me about the creepy crawlies that I should avoid- spiders that have red stripes. The venom of these insects can cause severe pain, and if a person is bitten, don’t place a bandage on the site because the covering could cause the venom to penetrate more deeply into the skin. That’s a sure fire way to end your holiday quickly!

Tasmanian devil

Photo credits to

  1. The Wheels and the Tires

With a temperate climate, Tasmania has four seasons, and during the spring and the autumn, mud commonly builds up on the roads of the forests. While mud can be fun and add to the aventure, it does make driving a little tricky sometimes! Although you should not have any problems traveling from coast to coast, it is wise to make regular stops at gas stations and check in with road conditions. I drove through large areas of wilderness without any stations!
Tasmanian Road

  1. Managing Electricity

Most campervans are able to power appliances in the camper – such as the cooking elements and the fridge. If the battery has a low level of electricity, it will generally become fully charged if you drive the vehicle around for a few hours. You can also plug your campervan in to many of the campsites! This costs from $2 to $20, or is included in the campsite if you are staying the night!

  1. Strategies for Storing Food

In order to prevent the scent of food from reaching animals, you can place the foods in an airtight cooler. Additionally, you should always remember to close the camper’s windows when you are not near the vehicle. And make sure you comply with quarantine regulations – there is a lengthy list of restricted foods and items, which you can see on the Tasmanian Government’s website.
When planning your trip, keep in mind that there are seven territories, but two are islands that cannot be accessed with a campervan. Each territory has unique attractions, but the entire state offers cultural, historical and natural attractions. Have fun exploring such a unique part of Australia, and the world!

And now – enjoy the trip!

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Wanderlust or Bust!

10 February 2015 03:21 p.m.

JUCY Social Media Guru Laura Turner writes about her recent blissed out Wanderlust adventure in Taupo, New Zealand.

I have a confession to make. Yes, I’m one of those tree-hugging hippies. I practice yoga. I don’t eat animals. I own a dream catcher and Thai fisherman pants. I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and that everyone should pay it forward. So of course I’m going to love a Yoga Festival. Setting off to New Zealand’s first Wanderlust Festival I was full of excitement and enthusiasm! Four days of stretching, meeting new people, eating kale salads and drinking green smoothies. Heck yes! Little did I know that Wanderlust had a little more waiting for me. Here are some of the lessons I learnt…

Searching for some space at my first Wanderlust yoga class was like searching for a needle in a hay stack. I wandered around, tiptoeing on strangers matt’s to find a strip of the floor I could claim. Unrolling my mat I quickly realised that it was completing a collage of epic proportions – one giant multicolour mat made up of 100’s of others. This weekend ‘my’ yoga mat wasn’t mine, it was part of the communal family of yoga mats that made up every yoga session at Wanderlust. The ‘mi casa su casa’ vibe took over the class, the festival, and a little bit of my life. Sharing is caring after all!

My Matt is Your Matt - Photo by Ali Kaukas

My Matt is Your Matt – Photo by Ali Kaukas

That afternoon, strolling across the grass under the sunshine I saw hoola-hoops being awkwardly flung around rather stiff bodies. Most ‘grown ups’ would think that hoola hooping is better left for kids – and maybe rightly so. But on closer inspection the smiles on the faces of the hoopers was infectious. The class teacher – a full time hoola hoop instructor – was cranking some fresh beats and was having the time of her life. I had to get in there! Grabbing one of the last hoops I got straight to it. 90 minutes later – my abs were sore and I’d been hit in the face countless times by my own hoop, but I’d laughed the entire time and managed to get a couple of tricks down pat! Sometimes (more often than not!) we need to let the inner child in us out to play and remember those good times we used to have in the playground. Let those walls down and have some fun!

Photo by Ali Kaukas

Wanna Hoola Hoop? Photo by Ali Kaukas

Have you ever hugged a stranger? Held hands with someone whose name you don’t know? How about given a massage to someone you’ve never spoken to. I hadn’t. Until Wanderlust. This all sounds a bit weird, right. A little bit too much for most people. But let me ask you this… why? We’ve grown up being told not to talk to strangers and we’re conditioned to thinking this is the way we should live our lives. And that is sometimes true, you don’t have to hug your taxi driver, or hi-five the stranger in the elevator. But, it is time to open up, even just a little. If you’re not quite ready to get physical with strangers, try a smile – it’ll make someone’s day!

The question you may be asking yourself, what am I going to get out of Wanderlust? My answer to you is, whatever you put into it! You don’t have to get up close and personal with people you don’t know, and you don’t have to let them into your bubble either – just be open to doing something different and trying something new. You never know what you’ll be up for after four days of good vibes – it can only do amazing things for the mind, body and soul. I would go as far to say that it was life changing, and it’s definitely something I’ll never forget. So, when’s the next Wanderlust? So, when’s the next Wanderlust? In two weeks in Sydney… better get packing!

JUCY 8 Seata at Wanderlust

JUCY 8 Seata at Wanderlust

Find JUCY on Facebook to find out soon how to WIN tickets to Wanderlust Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia and some JUCY Wheels to get you there! Heading off to a festival?

Check out JUCY for a range of ways to get you there – Car, Campa, or take all of your mates in a JUCY 8 Seata.

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Rookie in a JUCY Champ!

20 January 2015 02:44 p.m.

I’m not going to lie, when I started my role as Head of Marketing at JUCY, I had never been in a campervan before. Sure I knew the tourism industry inside out but I couldn’t have told you what was on the inside of a mobile home for money. With an upcoming USA vacation already locked in, it was an obvious choice to take a few days getting JUCY on the roads of Southern California. As an utter novice, what better to do than share my first-time campfire stories for other noobs like me?


More Than the Kitchen Sink

Booking your JUCY wheels is super easy, particularly online. As part of the booking process, you’ll have a choice for a few additional options to kit you out as best as possible – I highly recommend you take these. I opted for the GPS, wifi unit and personal care kit, which included bedding and towels, and I was grateful every day for all three. Trying to navigate unfamiliar US streets can be a little hair-raising at the best of times but factor in driving on the right (wrong) side of the road and I was so grateful for the computerised instructions of that little unit. How did we manage with just maps before? The wifi was great as it worked when my US SIM didn’t and it was handy to be able to add up to five devices all on the one network. Perfect for a late-night movie in bed too.

Be a Softie

My trip was part of a bigger holiday around the US so I packed my large wheelie for a few state season changes. This proved to be a little incumbersome as the storage is best set up for soft cases – my friends managed to get both of their large backpacks in the handy storage space whilst I had to lug my suitcase up and over squabs each time. With only three of us in the vehicle, this wasn’t too much of an issue in terms of space but had we been a full house, my luggage style would have made the rear a little cramped.

Snuggle Buddy

Scout’s Honour

As a good Girl Guide (or Boy Scout), it always pays to be prepared and this is never more true than when you go camping. Being in a campervan over a tent doesn’t change the dynamic that much – you still are sleeping in closed quarters with limited spare space and so with that I recommend that it is advisable each morning to pack a day bag for the next 24 hours so that when you arrive at night, wiped out from a day exploring the local sights, you can grab your PJs and toiletries and quickly get set up for the night. After a couple of days, you do quickly fall into a routine in getting the beds set up and the more organised you are in the day time, the more grateful you’ll feel at night for remembering your girl guide code.

Travel with Caution

Although Gladys (our name for our navigator) has a stilted voice and regularly mispronounces street name, that GPS lady is mighty handy when it comes to navigating the area. However, it’s worth noting that she’s not to be trusted 100% when it comes to the big trips as she’ll give you the fastest route, and that may not always be the best for a tourist. Gladys took us from Palm Desert to San Diego over the 79, a windy, curvy mountainous route that few locals take unless they are sightseeing. Double check online or ask a local before setting off to save yourself any windy-road grief!

Winding Up the 79

A Winter’s Tale

My SoCal exploration took place in December and whilst Southern California is still gorgeous by day in winter, the nights can drop in temperature pretty quickly. The bedding included in the personal kit includes a comforter, blanket and pillow per person but at 4c (brrrr) one night in Desert Hot Springs, it was a little frosty for the underprepared (that would be me) in both the main van and the penthouse. If you are heading to the US in winter, either pack some thermals to sleep in, or ask JUCY for extra bedding.

Desert Hot Springs

The Belle of the Ball

I had read that the look and feel of the JUCY Champ stood out on the road but I had no idea how much of a conversation topic we would be driving around in it. Akin to newfound celeb hitting the red carpet for the first time, we were ogled at from cars, stopped in the street to tell us how darling the van is and we were made to feel the belle of the ball at the RV campground. It’s not just the green-and-purple décor that stood out, but the also compact-yet-clever design that made nearby RVs look like clumsy ogres against our princess-like good looks. Making new friends became an added bonus on our trip with people from all over the world stopping to say hello.

It’s Right on the Right

It’s worth noting that if you’re flying in New Zealand, Australia or any long haul route, it’s important to book a hotel for the first night so you drive safely and without fatigue. You definitely need to concentrate more if you’re driving on the opposite side of the road, particularly on unfamiliar streets and it’s so much easier to do that when well rested.


Hopefully my US roadie tips and tricks have helped you get prepared for your upcoming JUCY trip. If you have any questions, drop our team a line on or give us a call – you can find our number here!

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Why a Jucy van is the perfect retreat for those who want to stay connected

23 October 2014 04:10 p.m.

Why a Jucy Campa is the perfect retreat for those who want to stay connected

When journalist and author Amy Molloy set off on a Jucy adventure of New Zealand, she discovered the perfect getaway for her split personality.

I am the first to admit I am a total contradiction. On the one hand I am a workaholic, who thrives on my career as a journalist, and is thrown into a state of panic if I’m away from my computer for more than eight hours. On the other hand, I am a free-spirited adventure-seeker, who’s ideal day out is hiking un-trodden paths, with no human in sight except my boyfriend, and no civilization a distance memory.

Getting away from it all.Swing Bridge in the middle of nowhere!

These aren’t my only contradicting personality traits. I love camping but, as the former editor of a fashion magazine I also like creature comforts and have been known to ‘travel light’ with a china teapot so that I can brew a proper cup of tea even when roughing it. I love camping but like my head on a real pillow, and I love the way my skin tingles in the cold, but only when I know I can get warm afterwards.

To sum it up I want to be remote but plugged in. Off the grid but within reach of wi-fi. Pushed to my limits, but also wrapped up in warm and comfortable. So, you can see why sometimes booking a trip away can be tricky. Well, gather all my split personalities, because Jucy had the answers.

My boyfriend and I picked up our Jucy Cabana in Wellington, New Zealand, where we flew in from Sydney, opting for the 2-berth ‘Jucy Cabana’. We did think about the 4-man Condo but, to be honest, we’re pretty sickeningly in love and have a ‘no personal’ space rule anyway, so we’re more than happy get up close and person.

JUCY Cabana

In fact, the van had even more room than we expected, with a double bed, gas cooker, fold-out and even a kitchen sink. Oh, and a kettle. I checked this first, like a hotel guest who heads straight for the mini bar. It passed the test. I was happy.

Whenever my boyfriend and I travel we work to a ‘no-plan-plan’, which basically means we wing it, hope for the best, and always end up in wonderful, chaotic, unexpected situations. It can be tricky not planning when you’re in a new country, but our Jucy made it easy, as we didn’t have to worry about booking accommodation or getting from A-to-B before nightfall.

We simply headed up the North Island of New Zealand and, at every major town with an information center, we stopped to pick the brains of employees who looked like they shared our ‘follow the road less travelled’ attitude. We did think twice about taking tourist advice from the guy with his arm in a sling, working in an information center in Tongariro National Park, who admitted he couldn’t quite remember how he broke his arm. A responsible role model?

But he turned out to be an absolute goldmine of adventure advice, directing us to some local caves that we’d have never found on our own and advising us to hike further up the thermal streams at Huka falls, away from the tourist spot, so we could nudey dip (we did, you should, it’s epic!)

Caving!Huka Falls

Our Jucy van felt like a magical teleporter, taking us in one single day from the bottom of snow-covered mountains where we hiked through a blizzard, to thick rainforest where we discovered a rain-water lagoon and then to the Putangirua pinnacles, which are huge towering rocks that feature in Lord of the Rings. It was such a shift in landscape that my senses couldn’t take it in, and I felt like we’d fitted multiple holidays into one trip.


Our home on wheels also offered us just the right amount of technology– not too little and not too much. We didn’t have phone reception all the time, which was good as I was forced to switch off from work and couldn’t be tempted to check my emails (until we drove past a McDonalds with free wi-fi and I got my work fix).

As we drove through the amazing New Zealand countryside, the CD player and AV cord that we bought for $5 from the Jucy depot, meant that we could pump out the tunes (Busby Marou and Benjalu provided the soundtrack for our holiday). What’s more, every evening, when we were exhausted from a day’s hiking, we could nestle in the back of the van, eating tinned fruit under our doonah, and watch a boxset of Scrubs on the in-build DVD player. I was amazed the Jucy was so insulated as I’ve slept in cars before and been freezing, but even in the snow I was sleeping in shorts and a vest top.

Sleeping in the Cabana

The workaholic within me was happy because once a day I could still check in with my emails. The adventurer in my was ecstatic because my body, my mind, my spirit was seeing, scaling and exploring landscapes I never could have imagined. My week in a Jucy camper made me want to sell my house immediately, give away all my possessions and just keep on driving forever…. although maybe I’ll keep my laptop and teapot.

Follow Amy on Instagram @amy_molloy or on Facebook

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An international JUCY adventure!

06 October 2014 04:51 p.m.

JUCYify your adventure – from Australia to New Zealand – check out what Nicola and Matt got up to, and their top tips for a road trip!

Waving goodbye to the UK we touched down 24 hours later in Brisbane, marking the start of our ‘international’ JUCY adventure.  Matt and I jumped into a taxi and headed to the Brisbane JUCY branch where we were given an introduction to our camper who we decided would be called Betsy.  She came complete with everything we needed for our trip, including a dooner (the Aussie word for duvet and my favourite Aussie word!) pillows, towels, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans.  The small kitchen unit at the back of the van had a sink, storage cupboard, cool box, a gas stove and not forgetting a kettle for a good brew.  It also came with two chairs, perfect for alfresco dining.

International JUCY Adventure SMALL

We were so excited to be in Australia, with the introduction complete we hit the road.  The first stop was a supermarket to stock up on essentials and treats for our trip, the most important ones being Tim Tam biscuits, Bundaberg ginger beer and Bundaberg Rum!  Kangaroo steak with veggies for the first nights meal was a tasty welcome to the land of down under.  Some very good friends of ours were getting married near their home in the Glass House Mountains so we planned our trip around this.  We drove to the Sunshine Coast first stopping at Mooloolaba, where we relaxed on the beach, followed by a night up in the mountains in Mapleton.  Here a highlight for me was stargazing by candlelight and listening to the fruit bats in the trees above us.  Back on the Sunshine Coast for two nights we Paddle Boarded in Noosa and attended the stag and hen parties.  Returning to the Hinterland for two more nights, it was all about National Park walking and waterfall spotting.  We watched our friends say their ‘I dos’, then waved goodbye to Australia and boarded a flight to New Zealand for the next part of our adventure.

Look out for Koalas in the Trees!

Arriving in Christchurch after a three hour flight from Brisbane the change in temperature was instantly noticeable so it was off with the flip flops and on with the Ugg boots before I had even left the airport terminal!  Our next camper was ready and waiting for us, we named him Boris.  Boris came with snow chains and was very similar to Betsy, so we felt instantly at home.  The first stop was two nights at Lake Tekapo at a fantastic campsite; I loved waking up in the morning to such an incredible and uninterrupted view of soapy blue water and snow-capped mountains.  It was such a peaceful location and a perfect area to relax in.  Next on the agenda was Queenstown, a very cosmopolitan place to hang out in and perfect for adrenaline junkies.  We stayed there for two nights and took in the atmosphere, sampling the local food and drink as we went.

From Queenstown we booked a days snowboarding at Cardrona, which was just awesome.  Following on from Queenstown we ventured to Te Anau for a trip to a glow worm cave.  The next day saw us heading to Milford Sound, the drive was just incredible and one I won’t forget in a hurry.  JUCY Cruise was our choice of vessel with such a sunny day the sound was just out of this world and there weren’t too many sand flies around either.  From Milford Sound we drove back to Queenstown for the night before driving to Franz Josef Glacier the following day.  At Franz Josef we booked onto a helicopter flight over the glaciers, this was the icing on the cake of the trip for me!  The flight also included a snow landing high above the glaciers, it was incredible.  We completed our trip by driving up the west coast, stopping for the night in Hokitika; the coast was an interesting change of scenery.  Continuing on the final leg of our journey we followed the route to Arthur’s Pass back through the mountains, stopping at some awesome viewpoints and making friends with Kea.

Just another day in NZ...

If you are planning your own Jucy roadie here are a few of my top tips:

-In both Australia and New Zealand we rocked up at most campsites without booking and got a pitch no problem at all.  So don’t worry too much about booking these in advance, even the ones that were pretty much full still managed to squeeze us in.

-Campsites in both countries had great kitchen facilities, with ovens, microwaves fridges and tables to sit at.  Some even had barbeques for outdoor cooking.  (Although it was a little chilly for this in New Zealand.)  It is worth mentioning that National Park campgrounds don’t tend to have any cooking facilities or drinking water so if you are planning to pitch up at any of those for the night make sure you have water supplies with you.  Of course our JUCY had everything we needed to cook independently which we did most of the time but in New Zealand it got pretty cold in the evenings so it was nice to warm up by cooking indoors sometimes if we had the chance!  I also loved hanging out in the kitchens and chatting to other travellers, it was great to hear about their journeys and adventures and to swap advice on where to go, what to do or what to avoid!  The kitchens were also perfect for charging all my gadgets.

-If you are hitting the road during the winter in New Zealand make sure you pack a hot water bottle to keep warm at night!

- A few essentials I reccommend to pack for your van include a torch; a USB car charger, (brilliant for charging phones, cameras and laptops on the road) antibacterial wipes, and sealed bags for food storage.

-My number one tip for the road is if you pass a fellow JUCY van make sure you wave!  We had a lot of fun waving and were always disappointed when we didn’t get a wave back; no one likes a grumpy JUCY camper!

-It may sound obvious but make sure that you keep an eye on your fuel gauge and fuel up when you can as both in Australia and New Zealand it can sometimes be hours before you come across another fuel station.

- The same can be said for toilets, sometimes they are few and far between so make sure you take the opportunity to stop in larger towns or whenever you see the important signs!

Combining our JUCY adventure across two countries took a bit of planning, I didn’t want to pack too much as sleeping in a campervan meant there would be limited space for luggage.  With that in mind I planned to pack the bare minimum but at the same time dividing our time between too different countries meant packing for two different climates, from the mild winter of Australia (Being from the UK it felt mild to me!) to the chilly winter of New Zealand.  So the challenge was on and I’m proud to say I stood up to it pretty well, managing to squeeze my Ugg boots, winter jacket, jumpers and beanie hat in along with shorts, vest tops and flip flops all into a cabin sized wheelie bag!

JUCY - your home on wheels!

Having your own set of wheels gives you the freedom to go anywhere you like and to make your own adventures.  Life on the open road is an awesome way to explore and a road trip in a campervan makes you self-sufficient too.  We saw and did so much on our JUCY adventure and in a short time frame, we had seven days in Australia and ten in New Zealand.  Even if you don’t have much time for a holiday you don’t have to travel for months, hire a JUCY camper and hit the road, you can do and see a lot in a short space of time.  Our trip was fantastic and we loved every minute in our JUCY camper!

Check out the adventure on YouTube: Down Under in Aussie & NZ with JUCY!

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Rules Worth Breaking When Travelling

30 September 2014 09:35 a.m.

Everyone seems to have some advice for you when you’re setting off on your next adventure, whether it’s travelling to another town or city, or around the world. 

For those of you who want to take the road less travelled and go to places no one knows about or discover sites no travel guide has covered so far, here’s a couple of “rules” that might be worth breaking on your adventure of a lifetime!

“Don’t talk to strangers.”

This is something every parent tell their kids growing up. But now you’re all grown up, you might want to think about breaking this rule. Speaking to strangers, other travelers and especially the locals, is a great way to learn about the best places to go, where to stay, what to eat and where to explore.
Get your head out of the guide book and get talking!

“Follow directions. Take a map with you always.”

Taking a wrong turn isn’t going to turn your trip topsy-turvy. Instead, you might get to see places that lie undiscovered (and won’t be so crowded with tourists). Take a break from following schedules, following directions, staying on time every time – you’re on holiday! What better way to satisfy your wanderlust than by taking a detour every once in a while? Cut yourself some slack and miss a few right turns. You’ll be surprised at where you end up!

Adventure Signs SMALL

“Find the best restaurants and only eat there.”

No way! The best food is discovered in little local cafes, side streets and food trucks! Finding the busiest cafes filled with locals is always the way to go!  This is the best way to eat just how the locals eat, find out what foods are popular in the area, and get an inexpensive meal you may have never thought of trying!

“Don’t go to the touristy places – discover the real part of the city.”

If tourists frequent a particular spot, they do so for a very good reason. It’s always worth getting off the beaten track, but you’ve got to see the Eifel Tower when you are in Paris, and the Statue of Liberty when you are in New York – right! You don’t have to tick off all of the ‘must-do’s, at least check out a few – they are popular for a reason!

The best part of travelling is getting out of your comfort zone, and doing things a little differently than you would at home! What ‘rules’ have you broken when travelling? 

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Jucy Winter Road Trip

22 September 2014 08:26 a.m.

Follow Jenna and Jordan from Stoked for Saturday around New Zealand’s lower South Island as they explore Queenstown and Wanaka in their JUCY Cabana

When we arrived in New Zealand just over a year ago, we spent the first 6 weeks traveling around the country before settling into our jobs in Wellington. During that time we saw countless hip looking purple and green Jucy campervans and always thought how fun it would be to take one on a roadtrip!

Eagar to experience New Zealand’s ski fields and get a true taste of winter, we decided to plan a winter weekend in Wanaka and thought what better way to do it than in a Jucy campervan!

JUCY Cabana on the road in NZ

Arriving in Queenstown, we picked up our Jucy Cabana and headed downtown to check out the adrenaline filled ride Hydro Attack! Where shark meets machine, we climbed into an 18ft shark and spent the next 20 minutes carving our way around Lake Wakatipu, diving under the water and shooting into the air!! Another AWESOME kiwi invention, this was one of the coolest things we’ve done in the adventure city of Queenstown.

Queenstowns Hydro Shark - Hydro Attack

Making our way towards Lake Wanaka, we took our Jucy van up the Crown Range for a beautiful scenic route through the twisty roads at sunset. The view was so incredible we had to keep pulling over to snap one photo after another!

JUCY Cabana on top of the Crown Range, South Island, NZ

Sunset in South Island, NZ

We’ve slept in our car and another campervan before but nothing has compared to the comfort our little green and purple machine provided! The Cabana van had tons of room with lots of privacy helping us enjoyed a comfy, cozy sleep under the duvet.

JUCY Cabana bed set up

The next four days we spent in Wanaka taking in some pretty epic winter activities including taking advantage of the Jucy Ski for FREE deal at Treble Cone! A beautiful blue bird day, we cut through the groomed trails and even climbed to the summit to get 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains!

Skiing at Treble Cone, Wanaka, NZ

Heading back down the Crown Range, we spent the next day up at Snow Farm exploring the miles of backcountry ski trails. Climbing up to towards Top Peak and skiing our way back towards the lodge it was definitely harder than I thought, but was a great day for my first go on cross country skis!

Living JUCY on a Winter Road Trip!

Backcountry Skiing in New Zealand's South Island

After two long days on skis it was so nice to come back to our campsite and enjoy a soak in the hot tub spa with a cold refreshment on the side. Not a bad way to spend a cool winter evening!

Hot Tub at Camping Ground

Looking to take in some of the great hikes in Wanaka, we headed up along Lake Hawea to the start of the Isthmus Peak track. Up bright and early to get up to the summit for lunch, we parked our Jucy van and made our way up the track.

Sunrise in a JUCY Cabana

A 6 hour round trip, we spend the first few hours making the steady climb up the mountains towards the peak. At the top we had the most incredible 360 degree views of Lake Hawea on one side and Lake Wanaka on the other.

Isthmus Peak track - 360 views!

Back at the campsite we setup our stove and enjoyed a cup of tea as we celebrated a great couple days in Wanaka!

JUCY Cabana kitchen and dining!

Finishing up our last day of our trip, we headed back over the Crown Range again towards Queenstown. Looking for an adrenaline rush, we hung out with the guys at Shotover Canyon swing, throwing ourselves off the 200ft cliff backwards, upside down and off a slide on a trike! Seriously the most adrenaline pumping activity in Queenstown!

Shotover Canyon Swing!

It was a great way to cap off an awesome Jucy winter roadtrip. We were so sad to return our mean, green and purple machine but know it won’t be our last!

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Damper – the classic Australian bush tucker..

10 September 2014 12:03 p.m.

Damper! The classic Australian bush tucker and an essential at any camp-fire! All you need is flour, water and a pinch of salt to make this delicious bread.

The basic Damper Recipe is:

  • 2 Cups of Self Raising flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 3/4 Cup of Water

Mix flour and salt, and then whisk in the water and kneed by hand for around 2 minutes. If the mixture is sticky, add a little more flour.

To cook Damper as a Loaf, place the Damper in the heavy pot with lid (make sure it is all fire resistant and that nothing can melt!). Cook over a hot fire and embers for 30 minutes.

For Damper on a Stick – just find some sturdy twigs near by, and wrap the dough around one end of the stick. Cook over a camp fire (just like you would a marshmallow!) until golden brown. Pull it off the stick and enjoy!

Cooking Damper over the fire

Damper Bread

Cooking damper on sticks around the fire







There are loads of Damper variations – you can add cheese and bacon, herbs and tomatoes for a savoury dough, or sugar and dried fruit for a sweet Damper.

We love it with golden syrup… how do you have yours?

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How to have the best holiday ever!

10 September 2014 11:26 a.m.

Must Do’s For an Adventurous Holiday

An adventure holiday is the ultimate adrenaline rush that awakens the inner traveler in us all. Whether it’s hiking a volcano or deep sea diving to discover a barracuda infested shipwreck, adventure holidays are memorable experiences everybody should have at least once in life.

Make the most of your holiday escapades and return home with your soul rejuvenated. If you are just planning on doing the touristy things, try taking that giant leap forward and make your trip an adventure you’ll never forget…

1. Step out of your comfort zone

Don’t let fear get in the way of often missing out on wonderful experiences and trying something new. If you have never jumped out of a plane and skydived, do it! If you think you have no stamina to scale the Adirondacks, try to climb at least part of it. Are you worried about kayaking a lake all by yourself? Sign up for kayaking lessons. Who knows, you’d enjoy it! The key to make any holiday an adventure is to step out of your comfort zone. Miracles happen there!

  1. Be brave (but not foolish)

There’s a reason adventure junkies are a rare crowd – it’s because not many of the others are brave enough. Want to skydive? Bungy Jump? Cage dive with Great White Sharks? But something’s holding you back? “Sometimes, all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and something good will come out of it”. Do something that you’ve always dreamed about doing, or admired others for doing, and you’re adventurous spirit will take over! Just make sure you are safe and trust your gut. At the end of the day, even if you’re not brave, pretend to be – no one else can tell the difference!

  1. Fight your fears

Why are you scared? What’s your phobia? Holidays are a great time to challenge yourself and do things you wouldn’t do in your normal day, week or month. Find out the one thing that you’re scared of and work your way to overcoming that fear. What better than an adventure trip to fight your fears!

  1. Be a YES person

There are YES people and there are NO people. YES people are happy, optimistic, and eager to try new things, to help and get helped, and enthusiastic about everything in life. NO people are the opposite. No matter how much you are inclined to adventure travel, you’ll enjoy it the most if you become a YES person! Be happy with a positive personality, come out of your shell, you’re on holiday – you’re allowed to do things that are out of character! Give yourself permission to have the time of your life!

How to have the best holiday ever!

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